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We can’t create</br>anything good,</br>unless we create</br>it together.

We can’t create
anything good,
unless we create
it together.

Agency for Family Staff

Agency for Family Staff
High regards for nannies.

Good staff doesn’t fall from the sky.

Quality has its price. Why? Because on the one hand, good quality is difficult to find, and on the other hand, good quality is not sufficiently nourished. And in order to maintain a high level of quality, staff must be constantly improving. In the professional environment, change is the order of the day. Anyone who has been out of the loop for a couple years has often missed out on critical steps of development.
As a responsible company, we want to ensure that our employees, "the nannys," are always at the optimum level of performance. Therefore, supporting a consistent and continuous professional development of our nannies is very important to us. This means providing them with the opportunity to receive adequate training. And since a high quality of employees benefits all stakeholders, it’s in everyone's best interest to facilitate this training. We want our customers to be able to recognize the high-quality of their nanny and commit themselves equally to their nanny’s professional growth.

The Nanny Academy provides opportunities for high-caliber training on a variety of topics. But this training is really only worthwhile when the family of the nanny is equally invested, providing the nanny a course of choice once a year.
Since we want to lead by example, we offer all of our new nannies the first course free of charge after their first successful placement. We want to take our share of responsibility for the well-being of your family. We hope that this will be motivation for you, as the family, to undertake this responsibility as well.
A course at the nanny Academy is not just beneficial for the well-being of your family, it’s also a special sign of respect and appreciation for your colleague. It has been has shown again and again that such recognition pays off many times over.

Talking about a revolution.

Talking about a revolution.

Agency for Family Staff

Agency for Family Staff
Round and round it goes.

In the age of digitization and globalization, more and more is happening faster and faster. You need someone who knows the ropes.

As the pace of digitization accelerates, the world changes right along with it. What happened to landlines? Public service television? The radio? The next generation listens to Spotify, watches Netflix, communicates with WhatsApp and plays League of Legions. Nowadays the only one who still uses the landline is Grandma. What are the considerations then for children in the digital age? What are they able to do? What should they be allowed to do? Who coordinates, accompanies and advises them in the digital progress? The time to tackle these issues is now. The digital age moves faster than the current generation of parents can control it.

There is no technological status quo anymore. Change happens. And unlike in the past when change happened over the course of years, today it happens within days. Pokémon Go alone has generated 50 million users in just 3 days. More and more is happening faster and faster. If the parents do not understand today’s digital world, who will explain it to their little ones? The nanny!
The Nanny Academy seminar DO THE RIGHT THING prepares nannies to deal with the topics of digitization and globalization. Sign up yourself or your nanny now, so that neither of you lose the digital connection.

If children are boats, let’s be the wind</br>in their sails.

If children are boats, let’s be the wind
in their sails.

Agency for Family Staff

Agency for Family Staff
Daily tailwind with the right nanny on board.

Nanny on board!

Sometimes the world out there can be pretty stormy...a heavy breeze can quickly turn into a heavy storm, and before you know it, you find yourself in the eye of the hurricane. Without a reliable team by your side to keep you stable, your ship could get rocky and even capsize.

For the sake of your own comfort and the support of your entire crew, maybe now is the time to bring reinforcements on board?

Because for us, everything revolves around family happiness.

When</br>children laugh,</br>parents feel</br>wonderful.

children laugh,
parents feel

Agency for Family Staff

Agency for Family Staff
Reliable nannies and maternity nurses for your kid.

How to get your nanny

nanny4yourkid is an agency for family staff based at the Lake Starnberg near Munich. We are specialised in the supply of qualified nannies, family managers and housekeepers.

Live-in Live-out Nanny

A nanny looks after the children at home in the surroundings they are used to. We engage nannies according to individual time required. If necessary the nanny lives in the home of the family (live-in nanny).

Maternity Nurse

Directly after the birth of a baby the maternity nurse cares for the baby during the first months of its life. We supply qualified baby nurses and midwives.

Family Manager

Our family managers? qualifications range from the field of education to the field of housekeeping. They manage the family in such a way that there is time and space for all the things, which are really important to you.


A housekeeper supports you in all features of housework.


Step 1

Briefing During a personal meeting or phone call we determine your childcare requirements according to a family or job profile. If you agree with our proposal, you commission us to act for you in writing.

Step 2

Choice Exactly according to your needs, taking all your particular requirements into account, we will soon choose suitable nannies or housekeepers. We will propose these to you by means of a comprehensive portfolio

Step 3

Decision During your first meeting with the nanny you can find out all about the nanny. You must be really certain that all is as you wish, so as to be sure of making the right decision.

Step 4

Finalisation If you decide to employ one of our nannies you make out a contract of employment. When this contract has been signed we will invoice you for our commission. You only pay if we are successful. Every family is different.

"To find the right person for families seeking help in day-to-day life is always a challenging mission. We have learned that every family has different needs and has to be handled individually."

Birgit de Fries

born 1964, completed her Marketing and Communication Studies.
She has been a free-lance marketing consultant for 16 years, working as a successful customer consultant on international budgets and major advertising agencies.

She is now the competent contact partner for families, she also priorities the importance of qualified employees and believe in absolute discretion within the exchange of the familiy and the agency.

She is married and mother of 10 year old twins. 

"With  nanny4yourkid we are doing so well, almost all of our nannies return with warm and positive feedback! The same is ongoing with our customers - we build up relationships. "

Christiane Mahler-Scharf

born 1967, trained to be a primary school teacher
and studied Business Studies in Regensburg. Since
1995 she has taught at various schools in the
districts of Munich and Starnberg.

She is married and the mother of two children aged
12 and 9 year.


Agency for Family Staff

Agency for Family Staff
Sophisticated Staff for Superior Households

Passionate nanny

When asked in an interview “What can you contribute to a family?” one of our nannies answered: “Professionalism, time and love”. This really describes everything, which makes a perfect nanny. Our nannies are all professional, i.e. they have comprehensive training in childcare, nursing or housekeeping, depending on whatever is most important for the family concerned.
Our “family managers” are qualified in both childcare and housekeeping. In addition nearly all of them have experience in private households at home and abroad. The nanny invests her time exclusively in your children. And as far as love goes, you can be quite sure that your children will soon find out how big the nanny’s heart really is.
Live your Vision

Live your Vision

Agency for Family Staff

Agency for Family Staff
Sophisticated Staff for Superior Households

Live your Vision

When you concentrate only on that which is really important, you will be able to see what you really want. Nobody has the time and strength to do everything all the time. Your own energy management should be thoroughly charged and showing a green light.
In order to help achieve this we have the right professional staff, domestic help in the form of housekeepers, home helps and even housekeeper couples. We keep looking for the right professional support for you so that you are free to live your vision.


Agency for Family Staff

Agency for Family Staff
Sophisticated Staff for Superior Households

Family in balance

The best feelings that can be found in a family are harmony and balance. When the world out there and the world in here are happy with each other. These ideal feelings are not easy to achieve and for many of us they are more and more rare. They require much effort, sometimes combined with tough decisions. But it is all worthwhile, because these lovely feelings are irreplaceable. They are what really make us feel what a family is.
They are both our harbour and our anchor in a storm. This is where we can be ourselves. Every sound and smell is familiar to us. Ideally you would wish for these feelings for ever, for yourself and for those you love. If you are not always in balance or if your harmony suffers from your environment, do not put up with it! Do something about it! We can and want to help you in your efforts by supplying a nanny or housekeeper to help you. You can expect miracles from the right one!
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